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poem by Lorraine Clemes

The necessary pull to look back, review and reclaim my place –
the meaning of my life.
Me, as an individual, without the roles that society expects.
What is the authentic piece?
Who is the real me if I am not the roles?
What is my uniqueness?
What feeds my passion?

Children have provided the flowering of lost parts of self
like a greenhouse reflecting light to the outer world
while inside is a warm gestation of spirit.
Mid-life empowers me to refocus, embrace the chance to integrate
my learning and self-discovery from all of life’s experiences.
Enough of life lived to see patterns and discard false starts
and choose to respect, nurture and rediscover the inner truth…
a liberation.
Concurrently a fearful and exciting time
of getting rid of hollow and outlived parts.
Tending to the early child so long ago quieted –
to give a paintbrush to the new me,
to pull from the colours, smells and sensations of my imagination.
And move towards creatively expressing and contributing to the universe
the uniqueness of my soul.